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3/2/24 - Cat Dirt Dash

3/3/24 - Dave's Run for ALS

    Upcoming Events

3/2/24 - Cat Dirt Dash            3/3/24 - Dave's Run for ALS

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​​​​2023 Race Results

JCC Hanukkah Hot Chocolate Fun Run

5k Overall Results - 5k Age Group Results

1 Mile Overall Results

Double Hot Chocolate Results


2nd Annual Bee Happy 4 Odin 5k

Overall and Age Group Results


​​​​2024 Race Results

T&F - Rincon/University Midweek
Heat Sheets and Results

TMC Old Tucson Trail Race

Women's 4 Mile Overall - Women's 4 Mile Age Groups

Men's 4 Mile Overall - Men's 4 Mile Age Groups

Family Mile Results

A Fine Valentine Couples Relay and 4 Miler
Couples Relay Results
Open 4 Mile Overall Results - 4 Mile Age Group Results
FitKidz Mile Results

Sun Run: La Primera 5k, 10k, & FitKidz Mile

5k Overall Results - 5k Age Group Results - 5k Duo

10k Overall Results - 10k Age Group Results - 10k Duo

FitKidz Mile Overall Results


Oro Valley Hot Cocoa 5k

5k Overall Results- Age Group Results


Fast and Accurate Race Results 

Tucson, Arizona